Greetings👋 I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Information Science at Indiana University Bloomington. My scholarly inquiries delve into the social dynamics prevalent in privacy, digital humanities, and open science, often through a lens of computational methodologies. I also dedicate significant engineering efforts to developing AI tools for public and community good, including circumventing authorship identification attacks and making scientific knowledge more accessible. I received my master's degree in Archival Studies at Wuhan University.


  • (Mar 13, 2024) I delivered a presentation titled AI4Library at Nankai University, covering the fundamentals of LLMs, their capabilities, surrounding hype, and their applications within librarianship.

  • (Jan 31, 2024) I joined the Center for Antique Book Conservation and Restoration Research at Wuhan University (武汉大学古籍保护暨文献修复研究中心) as a Research Fellow. I will be working closely with Dr. Xincai Wang to improve the usability and knowledge discoverability of historical collections using Retrieval-Augmented Generation, empowered by state-of-the-art LLMs.

  • (Jan 29, 2024) I joined Digital Humanities Quarterly as Data Analytics Editor.

  • (Jan 18, 2024) My invited column Defending Against Authorship Identification Attacks has been published by the Montreal AI Ethics Institute. Check out the article here.

  • (Jan 8, 2024) The manuscript for NovEval, A Content-Based Novelty Measure for Scholarly Publications: A Proof of Concept, is up. I will be presenting it at iConference 2024.

  • (Oct 7, 2023) NovEval (pronounced as "Nawv-Ee-val") demo is now online! This GPT-2 based model is designed to evaluate scientific novelty automatically, and its assessments have been proven to align with human evaluation. It's still in beta, and I would love to hear your feedback😉!

  • (Oct 5, 2023) I successfully completed my qualifying defense🎉. The committee consisted of Dr. Allen Riddell (Chair), Dr. Xiaozhong Liu, and Dr. Staša Milojević (Minor Advisor).

  • (Oct 4, 2023) Our new papers are available on arXiv. Check them out!

  • (May 19, 2023) I delivered a lightning talk introducing our jargon-busting AI at LEADING Forum 2022. You can access our poster titled Science Out of the Ivory Tower: Scientific Abstract Simplification for Everyone here.

  • (May 10, 2023) I uploaded a LaTeX poster template to Overleaf. The template, based on the Gemini, is minimal and modern, and features Indiana University's official color palette. You can find the template at this link, or simply search for "iu poster" in the Overleaf gallery.

  • (Apr 14, 2023) I gave a lightning talk and presented a poster titled The Many Voices of the Detached: Revisiting the Disputed Writings of Lu Xun and Zhou Zuoren at the IDAH HASTAC Symposium 2023.

  • (Apr 13, 2023) I gave a guest lecture on Authorship Attribution: An Introduction at Allen's Digital Humanities.

  • (Jan 9, 2023) I will be working with Allen in IARPA HIATUS (Human Interpretable Attribution of Text Using Underlying Structure) Task Three.