• NovEval: Assess scientific novelty in alignment with human evaluations.

  • Scientific Abstract Simplification: Rewrite complex scientific abstracts into lay summaries, making scientific knowledge accessible to everyone.


  • Blog-1K: The Blog-1K corpus is a redistributable English authorship identification benchmark. It has a roughly balanced sample distribution per author and fixed data splits (train/val/test), allowing for a fair comparison among deep learning-based models.

  • RAABT: The Reproducible Authorship Attribution Benchmark Tasks contain five tasks for attributing the authorship of contemporary non-fiction American English prose. They have fixed training/testing splits to prevent accuracy inflation caused by homogeneous corpora.

  • Cross-Register Authorship Attribution Corpus: This corpus contains writings from eight authors known to have written in both vernacular and classical Chinese. With 4.2 million Chinese characters, it can be useful for authorship identification research.

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